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Terms and refund policy

We guarantee that the products and services described in this online shop and on our web pages are as described. If you as our customer disagree and claim your money back on these grounds, we will refund you. We will do so without condition, but we hope that you in these rare cases will take the time to describe the reason why you feel what we have delivered was not to your satisfaction. This because we work continuously to help those who feel the need for our services.


This privacy policy addresses the treatment of your personal information by Newhope4u.today and Klartekst. (Henceforth called “we” or “us”.) We take your privacy policy seriously. We will make sure to use the information you have provided us according to privacy laws.

Personal information is every piece of information and rating that can be attached to you as an individual, such as name, address, email, communication, buyer’s history or technical information we get when you use our website. In this privacy policy you can read how we use and protect your personal information, and your rights to privacy.

What information do we have?

When you make a purchase on our site, we typically will get the following information about you:

-Contact information, like name, address, phone number and email address. In addition time of birth, in the cases this is needed for the services.

-Payment information, like invoice information and other payment information, depending on the payment form you choose. We will also get a buyer’s history from your purchases, and when you are on our pages, your type of computer and operative system will be logged.

How do we use the information?

-We use the information to administer and deliver your orders. For this purpose we mainly use contact information and payment information. The legal foundation for using personal information for this purpose is that it is necessary in order to fulfill our agreement with you.

We store the information for up to 3 years from your purchase. We do this according to the law about bookkeeping.

We also store the information to be able to provide customer service, for handling any complaints and for statistics and analysis. We also use the information for accounting purposes, and we find the legal foundation for this in the law about accounting. We store the information according to relevant legislation, such as the law about accounting.

Who do we pass the information on to?

We may share personal information about you with our staff, to the extent it is necessary for delivering products and services to you. Insofar as this this happens, we will make agreements with our entire staff to ensure that they protect your personal information, and won’t use them for other purposes than agreed upon.

Privacy rights

Within the framework of current legislation, you have the following rights:

-The right to information: You have the right to receive additional information about our use of your personal information.

-The right of access: You have the right to a copy of your personal information.

-The right to correction: You have the right to get wrong information about you corrected. In that case, contact us directly.

-The right to be forgotten: You have the right to ask for deletion of your information if we no longer need it.

-The right to limit the processing of your personal information: You have the right to ask us to stop using your personal information.

-The right to have information transferred. Under certain circumstances you have the right to receive personal information you have given us in such a format that you can transfer it to others. You may also have the right to have your personal information transferred directly from us to others. This right applies only to information treated with automated methods and which is based on your consent or is treated as part of fulfilling an agreement with you. This right concerns only information you have provided us, either directly or through your use of our services.

The right to resist processing of personal information. You have the right to resist our use of your personal information, for example for marketing purposes.

The right to resist automated decisions. You have the right not to be the object of automated decision processes with legal or similar effect (i.e. automated credit rating). At this time we to not use automated decisions.

There are exceptions from the rights we have described. These exceptions follow the legislation and can for example imply that there will not be given access to certain information or that information can not be deleted. You can get more information about these exceptions by contacting us or The data protection committee, Datatilsynet.

You can exert your rights, and obtain more information about current exceptions and limitations by contacting us at hopeinthe20s@gmail.com

If you think we have not treated your personal information according to privacy laws, we hope that you contact us, so that we can answer your questions and clarify any misunderstandings. You also have the right to file a complaint to The data protection committee.