what is your hope?

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Our team of experts have only ONE focus: To help you find HOPE in your life. To do this, they use their life experience, their many years of education and work experience, and some assistive devices, such as Tarot cards, I Ching, Numerology, Astrology and Biorythms. For your HOPE to become a dream - and maybe even reality, we give you advice. This makes it easier to choose what to do to improve your live. Great things or small - we are here to help you with HOPE.

Do you feel disappointed - or experience something negative with the choices you make? Then maybe you need to make new choices - or think through your life situation again. We can not promise that our contribution in itself can change anything. But you may discover new HOPE in your life - in areas that earlier seemed dark.


How wonderful, rushing, sweet and exciting love can be! And at the same time how mysterious, challenging, fragile and problematic. In every sense of the word, you need HOPE.

Your health might be the least of your concerns when you are well, but if you get ill, you can barely think about anything else. If you worry a lot about getting ill, maybe what you really need is HOPE.

Money is a source of worry, both for the poor and for the rich. We can not get our lives together when money matters are not in order. The first thing you need then, is HOPE

Whether you are a part of a newly established family or a bigger family, there are often problems. You may seek an answer to how things can get better, and then you first need to get HOPE.

Are you unhappy with your work situation, or afraid to lose your job? Did you not get the promotion you were hoping for, and wonder if, in fact, you might be the problem? If you get HOPE, life gets easier.

Friends and aquaintances are different, and at times difficult to understand. Sometimes there are misunderstandings, and sometimes there are direct conflicts. To solve these, you need HOPE.