what is your hope?

3-6 Future

It you want to focus on what will happen in the close future, or a bit further down the road, we can help. We will tell you about events and possibilities in different areas of life, for the next 3 or 6 months - your choice. Again we will put both Tarot and our other tools to use. Our skilled and experienced experts will use their intuition and their acquired knowledge of the different tools to help you. Our group have studied psychology, sociology and social anthropology, and will use their special knowledge to give you advice in many areas - also if you are considering travelling, applying for work somewhere far away or moving to a foreign country with a different culture.

The future is complex and holds many possibilities, and your actions will for sure influence it. A  «sneak peek» into the future makes a lot of people feel it is more easy to relate to the events ahead of them. Maybe it will be easier to understand yourself, your family or friends if you have had the chance to prepare yourself for what might be coming your way?

Next 3 months

Next 6 months