what is your hope?


Astrology is the ancient study of the planets and how they affect us, both from the birth, with our natal charts, and in our daily lives when the planets’ current positions form aspects to our natal horoscopes. Let us decode the patterns of the universe, and let the stars give you HOPE!

The challenge of astrology is in many ways the same as with numerology: It requires a lot of calculation based on your data, and then we do the interpretation based on your planets combined with psychology and the insight the wise members of our staff can provide. Only then astrology can start to have a real influence in your life, and it can transform your HOPE and dreams into meaningful, mindful living.

Astrology is a bit like chess: It is possible to make quick, cheap and robot-like interpretations, but if you want solid support in your life from astrology, you have to team up with our experts to get a deeper and better understanding of the possibilities the universe provided for you at birth, and what the planets have in stock for you further on. Please remember that we will need your date, year and place of birth, and preferably also your exact time of birth, if you know it. You can send us this information by e-mail.