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Sometimes it is difficult to understand why your day feels so bad – or good, for that matter. Biorhythms are the life rhythms that dictate your good and bad days, based on your date and year of birth. We decode them for you, so that you can better understand how they work. Your Primary biorhythms are physical, emotional and intellectual. Your secondary biorhythms tell about spirituality, intuition, learning and creativity.
What can this knowledge do for you? Biorhythms can help you find the best day for events such as a job interview, a date with a love interest, an exam, and other main events in your life. We also offer another service for you and a partner, close friend, relative or spouse: We can tell you how well your biorhythms match. Then we will of course need the information for both of you.

Primary biorhytms

Secondary biorhytms

Primary and secondary biorhytms

Compatibility with another person's biorhytms